Contruction Health and Safety at Loughborough



Global Safety 

The Effect of Innovative Technologies on
Workers in Developing Countries 


Global Safety is funded by the EPSRC's Innovative Manufacturing and Construction Research Centre in collaboration with the European Construction Institute. The project aims to help EU-based global organisations improve performance by management of the workforce through application of appropriate global targets and techniques in safety, health and environmental issues.

There are four strategic objectives:

  1. Identify risks to workers in developing countries unfamiliar with innovative techniques and equipment
  2. Identify differences in health and safety models used in the developed and developing world construction practices
  3. Develop a new approach to health and safety practice for EU construction organisations to use in developing countries that will still allow for objectives of innovation, competitiveness, sustainable construction and enhanced standards of health and safety to be achieved
  4. Develop safety net measures for health and safety in construction projects in the UK to allow for diverse background of workers on sites

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